A.D. Rattray`s - Tim Morrison bürgt für Qualität

A.D. Rattray Unabhängiger Abfüller mit reicher Tradition. Der Name Tim Morrison bürgt für exzellente Qualität.


A. D. Rattray, established in 1868, are independent whisky bottlers who aim to delight the whisky enthusiast with our selection of exceptional malt whiskies.

This is reflected in our brand portfolio which includes the Stronachie, Cask Islay and Bank Note brands. We are also specialists in the bottling of unusual and exclusive casks of Scotch whisky as part of the A. D. Rattray Cask Collection.

Der beliebte CASK ISLAY – Islay Single Malt von A.D.Rattray hat einen “großen Bruder“


CASK ORKNEY – Orkney Single Malt stammt aus der älteren Brennerei der Orkney Inseln und reifte 18 Jahre. Abgefüllt wurde CASK ORKNEY als Small Batch Bottling, unchill-filtered und in Natural Colour mit 46% Alkoholstärke. Es handelt sich um eine Limitierte Edition.



Lost in time, not in spirit...

Stronachie is a traditional Highland-style Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The original Stronachie Distillery was in production until 1928 before being mothballed and lost to history.  Having acquired an original 1904 bottle of Stronachie, A. D. Rattray sampled it and re-created the flavour profile using spirit from the similarly remote and high altitude Benrinnes Distillery. A. D. Rattray matures the spirit from Benrinnes in ex-bourbon or sherry casks before bottling in small batches as 10 year old and 18 year old Stronachie Single Malt.


Stronachie (pronunciation: “Stron-a-key”); Gaelic for “prominent nose/headland in the valley”

Cask Speyside 10 Jahre A.D.Rattray First Edition
39,90 € 2 33,00 € 3 47,14 € / l
Craigellachie A.D. Rattray 2007 / 11 Jahre
59,90 € 2 50,00 € 3 71,43 € / l
Glen Garioch A.D. Rattray 2011 / 7 Jahre
51,90 € 2 43,00 € 3 61,42 € / l
Royal Brackla 8 Jahre A.D. Rattray
59,90 € 2 50,00 € 3 71,72 € / none
Stronachie, A.D. Rattray 10 Jahre
35,90 € 2 28,00 € 3 40,00 € / l